Untwist Yourself

January 24, 2022

A world in which inward looking is considered an exotic concept reserved for the few who have the luxury of “enough” time to follow such a path has to be an assbackwards and twisted world. Which is why I chose a long time ago not to live in such a world by refusing to adhere […]

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Just because my body is shaking and wobbling doesn’t mean I’m not in my power. Could true power even come from anything imperfect, physical, temporary and therefore illusory? Believing that those or any worldly things can empower is to be disempowered. Power comes only from remembering what we are in Reality. There is no substitute […]

Fall Inward

November 14, 2021

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Undoing Illusion: 108 Sun Salutations

September 20, 2020

Although the whole practice of 108 sun salutations is a meditation in itself, especially with the specific dedications preceding each of the nine rounds of 12 salutations, I felt compelled to start our fall 2020 practice with this “undoing” meditation. The practice of yoga, which means union, is really a practice of undoing because never […]

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Growth is usually not linear, not chronological, not organized, not planned, not pretty, and definitely not comfortable. But is that so looking from the vantage point of the seed or from the perspective of the plant? What does the legless tadpole know about the hopping frog, although it is destined to become one? The fall […]

Falling is not Failing

May 13, 2020

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May I Have this Dance?

July 22, 2019

Why do we so fervently fear the experience of a broken heart? The way I see it, we must fear it because of the fear. In and of itself, what’s so horrifying about the process of grief?  Can the heart, and by heart I mean the symbol of spirit or true self, actually be broken? […]

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We the imperfectthe insecurethe humanstep on our matsand through the fire of the practicewhile carried by grace we join together knowing there is no other wayand we surrender all illusioneven if just for a moment Becoming We the inspiredWe the devotedWe the light We rememberthen forgetbut only to remember againover and over againuntil the practice becomes the way […]


June 23, 2019

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108 Sun Salutations Practice Dedications

September 24, 2018

I love nothing more than when my yogis ask me after class to share what I read or tell them more about what I talked about during class. My purpose as a yoga teacher has always been to share this practice as a way of life rather than just ego-boosting physical exercise. The practice of […]

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This year especially, I’ve been grateful to have the choice to forgive. This was the intention I invited my yogis to set during our Thanksgiving practice today, and to keep that intention as we ride out the rest of this intense 2017 and slide into the next year. Being grateful to have the choice to […]

Give Forward in Gratitude

November 23, 2017

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To Receive, Give

November 15, 2017

Recently, after teaching a class, I witnessed one of my yogis, a gorgeous woman in her late 20s, come up to one of my long-time students, a graceful and elegant woman in her 60s. “You’re so beautiful, it’s ridiculous!” said the younger one in a matter of fact but very much from the heart tone. […]

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Several people came to me this week, saying the same thing, more or less: “I just feel so confused. I have no clarity right now.” I didn’t think I could possibly inspire or console anyone because I felt the same way. Wave after wave of stupid and senseless violence had me thinking I was back […]

But Still, Like Dust, I’ll Rise

October 6, 2017

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