Choose Again

October 10, 2022

You’ve been living in a false and dark reality, which is now falling apart. This is why you feel fearful and confused, although you don’t admit it yet.You’re fearing being set free, precisely because the false reality conditioned you to feed and sustain it, instead of nourishing yourself and creating as you wish.You’re still trying […]

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Light is power simply because light is. You already have the power because you are the light. The problem is, you don’t know this. You don’t know that you are the light because you’ve been filled with beLIEfs. Beliefs are programs and programs are lies. This is why you feel disempowered. To be empowered, become […]

Into the Light

September 23, 2022

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Let There Be Light

September 13, 2022

Truth can only be found within.Searching for anything outside of oneself is equivalent to actively avoiding truth, while complaining that the world is full of lies. Now is the time to recalibrate:If you want the world to tell you the truth, the first step is to stop lying to yourself. No more self-deception.Go within and you’ll find […]

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To exit the matrix, go within. No other exits exist.Go into your heart to break the chains of your enslavement to an ancient system that’s been siphoning off your life force and forcing you to live an unnatural life of constant thinking.The heart knows the natural way to live. It’s been waiting for you to […]

Now Is

September 10, 2022

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Be Still and Grow

September 4, 2022

The lotus grows out of the dark and murky underworld because its compass is permanently calibrated to the light. At no point in its ascent does the lotus turn back to contend with the mud or ask it for validation. The lotus doesn’t try to prove itself. Neither does it try to argue with anyone’s opinion […]

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Choosing the heart means choosing against the illusion. Now that you know, or are finally starting to digest, that you’ve been living in a matrix of lies and deceptions, drop your bruised mind into your heart. When you’re in your heart, which is free of the shenanigans of space and time, you can’t possibly be controlled by […]

Choosing the Heart

July 20, 2022

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