Undoing Illusion: 108 Sun Salutations

September 20, 2020

Although the whole practice of 108 sun salutations is a meditation in itself, especially with the specific dedications preceding each of the nine rounds of 12 salutations, I felt compelled to start our fall 2020 practice with this “undoing” meditation. The practice of yoga, which means union, is really a practice of undoing because never […]

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We the imperfectthe insecurethe humanstep on our matsand through the fire of the practicewhile carried by grace we join together knowing there is no other wayand we surrender all illusioneven if just for a moment Becoming We the inspiredWe the devotedWe the light We rememberthen forgetbut only to remember againover and over againuntil the practice becomes the way […]


June 23, 2019

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108 Laps of Devotion

June 21, 2019

Today I swam 108 laps without stopping, and rather than being exhausted, my heart feels as big as the sky and full of love.  I have been doing 108 sun salutations, along with my yogis, for every solstice and equinox for eight years, and since I swim now too and today is summer solstice, I […]

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I love nothing more than when my yogis ask me after class to share what I read or tell them more about what I talked about during class. My purpose as a yoga teacher has always been to share this practice as a way of life rather than just ego-boosting physical exercise. The practice of […]

108 Sun Salutations Practice Dedications

September 24, 2018

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Bring Darkness to the Altar of Light

December 20, 2017

A few days ago, after the winter solstice 108 sun salutations practice, a few of the first timers to this intense class told me that they felt off, disoriented and agitated afterward, although they also felt exalted and inspired. I assured them that this is a good sign because the practice encourages the deeply buried […]

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