Goodbye, Takers and Fakers

It’s been an honor not to have been liked by this world of takers and fakers. 

Egos feel threatened by literally everything and are constantly scrambling to keep up their cherished image, the mask. But the ego’s biggest threat is the one who’s not interested in the ways of ego. The dark gets very uncomfortable in the presence of the light.

What happens to those who are naive to egos playing their favorite games of specialness, victimhood, power tripping and identity? They swim upstream, in the direction of the good and the Godly, because they’re always calibrated to truth. Because they stick to truth, they grow their light, despite the countless attacks by the dark.

And what happens when those naive ones wisen up and call bullshit on the game-playing egos?
The egos continue to hurl their wrath but the light is completely immune because it has fully remembered itself. The light is empowered because light is the only power.

The road to freedom isn’t easy but nothing is sweeter than being free. There is no joy in the world, save for the joy of those who freed themselves from the world. 

We, the light beings, are the only source of light in this world.
We are the change.
We are the storm whose rumbling is now felt by all and feared by most, simply because most are still heavily intoxicated with ego.

We, the light beings, are the builders of the new earth.
That’s because we came here to destroy the matrix of the dark and steer the ship of the world in the direction of the good and the Godly.

Do you recognize us when you see us? 
Are you trying really hard to pretend that we’re not even here? That we’re not shaking up the status quo?

There are only two teams playing now on the stage called earth: the dark and the light. And everyone is playing on one of the two teams.
Which team are you on?

We’ll see each other in the new earth, after the truth storm has passed through, provided you picked the right team.
I’ll be there.

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