Choose Again

You’ve been living in a false and dark reality, which is now falling apart. This is why you feel fearful and confused, although you don’t admit it yet.
You’re fearing being set free, precisely because the false reality conditioned you to feed and sustain it, instead of nourishing yourself and creating as you wish.
You’re still trying to outrun the inevitable, which is a simple, benevolent and all-powerful shift from the ego, the imposter, to your unbound heart, which houses your true self.
You’re fearing your own salvation because you’ve been tricked by this dark, upside down world, to keep choosing against yourself.
A new earth is on the horizon. The price of admission to this heaven on earth is your relinquishment of beLIEfs, or programs, the false reality taught you.
Will you exchange illusions for truth?
Will you trade in death for eternal life?
Will you choose again, this time from your heart?
Heaven is waiting for you to choose it.
Turn inward and meet the infinite sky of possibility that awaits in your heart.
You’re not just an earth bound misfit anymore.
Be still and know.

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