Can You Feel the Storm’s Rumble?

Can you feel the storm’s rumble? It’s well on its way to a thunderous landfall.
The storm that’s been brewing has nothing to do with the weather. It has everything to do with truth.
For the evil matrix to finally collapse, the world will have to get as unsteady as ever, as truth gets infused into a massive web of lies and deceptions that masqueraded as reality. 
How could a new earth be built if the old isn’t leveled first? Is anyone left pretending that the current version of earth is a wonderful place?
Because most people refuse to exit the prison, the prison itself has to go down for the people to start to walk into freedom. Be grateful for the guardians of truth and the bringers of the light; they have been working tirelessly and courageously while most people have been pretending that everything is normal.
The storm is here to blow up all lies and expose the darkness that everyone surely is noticing by now. The time of avoiding what’s more than obvious is coming to an end.
The upcoming events won’t shake you if you’ve grounded yourself in truth up to this point. 
Have you gone within?
Have you shifted from the head, or ego, to the heart, or sprit, so you can discern truth from lies?
Have you made the decision to get real, or are you still playing image upkeep games with yourself and others who are playing the same worn out game?
Are you still stubbornly refusing to see that nothing is “normal,” and that nothing was ever natural in this world?
The storm will only obliterate the false, the illusory, the evil and the nefarious. The rule of takers and fakers is coming to an end at last, and good riddance.
After the storm has passed, everything and everyone left standing will have changed. 
The inversion you mistook for reality will be no more. It’s time for truth, which is the only reality. The storm is the beginning of the right side up.
Go within and you’ll stay in the shelter of the eye of the storm.
Listen to your heart only and you’ll taste the freedom that’s on the horizon for all who choose it.

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