Into the Light

Light is power simply because light is. You already have the power because you are the light.

The problem is, you don’t know this. You don’t know that you are the light because you’ve been filled with beLIEfs. Beliefs are programs and programs are lies. This is why you feel disempowered.

To be empowered, become loyal to the light within and nothing else. Become loyal to yourself, to your heart, to the unbound spirit that you are. Because nothing else is worthy of your attention. Nothing else is real. Although you stubbornly keep misplacing your attention and therefore giving away your power to delusions.

You have been under the influence of beLIEfs because you forgot yourself. The parasite called ego has hijacked your life force and siphoned it off for itself. This parasite built a whole world using the power it stole from you. You have been serving a parasite and don’t even know it. 

Hasn’t life been a struggle? 

Do you ever wonder why? 

The parasite called ego bets on you not knowing your power because the moment you remember yourself, it’s game over for the parasite.

Ego knows nothing of power because it knows nothing of light. Ego can only act as though. Acting as though is fakery. This is why you have been living in a fake world.

Those who serve the ego are not only maintaining this fake world but are also lying to themselves. They avoid looking in the mirror, lest they anger their already raging master, the parasite. 

Stay loyal to the ego and you’ll continue to mock what you are in reality.

Avoid looking in the mirror and you’ll stay a slave to a fake master of a fake, dark world.

A fake world is not a suitable home for a child of light, a creator of universes, an unbound and undefiled spirit. You sense this; it’s why you feel restless and tired. 

Ego’s fake world is a sinking ship; don’t sink with it. The light is your true and permanent address and that address is here and now because it’s in your heart.

You don’t have to go anywhere. 

You don’t have to learn anything. 

You don’t have to deserve anything.

But you do have to turn away from the ego and from the lies, beLIEfs and programs that constitute its fake world, and start going within.

Now is the time to go back home, back to your rightfully established self.

No more self destructive games.

No more outsourcing your power to a parasite.

As this earth moves from darkness to light, in an upcoming bang of a crescendo, will you too move into the light?

Will you look into your own eyes and make the promise now to never, ever turn your back on yourself again? Making that promise now will be the beginning of taking your power back.

It’s time now for the light to come home to itself. You’ve played with darkness for way too long.

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