Be Still and Grow

The lotus grows out of the dark and murky underworld because its compass is permanently calibrated to the light. At no point in its ascent does the lotus turn back to contend with the mud or ask it for validation. 
The lotus doesn’t try to prove itself. Neither does it try to argue with anyone’s opinion of it. The lotus doesn’t try anything; it naturally and simply is.
The lotus successfully grows into itself because it stays clear of distractions and temptations of the underworld. It never stands in its own way and knows not of such insane things as doubt and self-sabotage. 
The lotus doesn’t mistake itself for the mud. It simply becomes what it’s destined to become by keeping its true course. 
Why would any being deviate from its innate purpose? Why would anyone turn away from the light? 
Would you? Have you? 
Asking this question is the beginning of the answer.
Be still and grow.

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