The Eleventh Hour

Welcome the forks in the road on your journey because each one is an opportunity to make the right choice. Being in your heart, which is free of the spacetime shitshow, you will make the right choice every time. Getting back to yourself really is that simple. 
The ego, the king of deception, has conditioned you otherwise but the ego is a parasite you need to detox from. This is what this time is all about and you sense this. 
It’s time now to see through and let go of false idols.
It’s time now to stop dodging your heart’s calls. 
You’re at the eleventh hour.
Only by being in your heart will you be still, and only in stillness you will know yourself as you were created, rather than what the ego deceived you into beLIEving about yourself.
It’s time now to set yourself free of this ancient parasite, dear child of the light.
Your heart holds the light and the light holds you because the light IS you.
Be still and glow.

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