Atlas is Shrugging

Atlas shrugged the heavy weight off of his shoulders when he realized that he doesn’t know what’s in his best interest. The heavy load he carried was his misguided belief that he is his own maker. He thought he had to find his own way in this inverted world. 

When the fallen world became too chaotic and unstable to continue to carry the weight, Atlas buckled, finally landing on his knees and asking to be guided. 

His shrugging was an act of courageous surrender that opened the portal to God within his own heart, whose unbound and eternally free nature knows the way out of illusions of separation and the prison of suffering. 

The collective Atlas is barely holding on to the weight on his tired shoulders right now. But he’s still stubbornly holding on, dreading that shrugging off the weight would hurl him into annihilation. Atlas is still listening to the shrieking of the ego, the imposter self, telling him to continue to hold on to his old ways. Those old ways serve the parasitic ego but not you, dear Atlas. Listen instead to the other voice, the one that’s coming from your eternal heart and has been whispering to let go. You don’t know the way but in your heart dwells the One who does. He’s been waiting for you to invite Him to guide you. He is your true Self.

The parasite called ego made its pseudo home in hell and will use all of its tricks to keep you there, Atlas. The ego needs you as its host and has made you its hostage. You don’t belong in hell because you are a child of God. You simply forgot what you are. 

Shrug now because your surrender is inevitable. You have no idea now what glory and power await you on the other side. The temporary pain you’re about to go through will be the shedding of ancient illusions. It’s not the end of you but the end of ego’s dominion over you.

It’s time to set yourself free, dear Atlas. Be still and know how loved you are.

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