The End Times: The Most Wonderful Beginning

The world is only in conflict if you are. This doesn’t mean that the world is a perpetually wonderful experience for those free of inner conflict. But it does mean that their experience is one of peace, clarity, truth and love, precisely because they have seen through, and chosen against, the deception of the world and its favorite trap, which are special relationships.

If you’re conflicted within yourself, you’ll subconsciously hold on to a conflicted picture of reality. As within, so without: there are no exceptions to this simple rule. 

In the world of time and space, one’s perception is also one’s reality; the projector (mind) determines what the screen (world) is showing. But most are completely unaware of this simple cause and effect relationship and are therefore unaware that one’s own mind always runs one’s show. This lack of awareness is intentional but subconscious, and is the gist of ego’s game of insisting on its own upside down idea that the world (rather than one’s own mind) dictates one’s experience.

Holding on to a conflicted picture of reality can’t lead to peace, but until the 2020s, it was possible to temporarily uphold an image of a self that appears to be at peace. If you maintained certain ideals and values as the core of your self image, getting along with others who are walking the same surface path of the world was relatively easy. As long as everyone stayed on the surface and didn’t disrupt one another’s masks, relationships seemed relatively easy. 

But just like an image is not the real Self, appearances are not reality and therefore can’t sustain themselves, especially when the collective projector (mind) is challenged in unprecedented ways. The beginning of the 2020s signaled the end of appearances masquerading as collective reality. The old isn’t coming back because this time, the genie is so far out of the bottle that backtracking isn’t an option. 

For those with ears to hear, this is the best possible news. Those of us who are aligned with Light made a decision long ago for darkness and deception to end, and are now experiencing the echoes of that wish being fulfilled. The world of time and space is being cleaned up. The chaotic behavior in people right now is just the ancient inner conflict being force-swept out from underneath the collective rug. The house will be spotlessly clean soon enough, no matter how hard most are still trying to hide the dirt under their own rugs.

Those free of inner conflict now are those who willingly stepped into the alchemical fire of their inner work while the rest continued to give in to the temptations of the ego, indulging in its varied but equally wayward and sick satisfactions. Everyone is drawn to whoever they believe is their maker. In the world of duality, there are only two sides to choose from and one must choose a side: Light or darkness; Truth or illusion; God or ego. The choices have been made and are obvious to see for those who want to see. Not surprisingly, those who want to see are also those who are relatively free or inner conflict.

The only way to be free of inner conflict is to be aware of your true nature as unbound, God created spirit, or Christ. Consequently, you will live on earth as a sovereign individual who chooses God as the only authority and the Holy Spirit, or intuition, as the only guidance. The last two years have offered an unprecedented and auspicious opportunity to become sovereign, or align with Truth and nothing else. This time has also shown that most people are not interested in sovereignty or truth, but are still holding on to ego’s empty promises of specialness and grandiosity. 

This is precisely why these end times have been overflowing with opportunities for setting oneself free: Since all conflict here is tied to relationships in one way or another, the early 2020s have shown you exactly where the dirt is hiding under your rug. Have you noticed? Have you admitted to yourself yet that you have noticed? 

To be free means to be free of inner conflict, which requires your full time commitment to Truth, to God, to Light, to your Self. No dirt will be left standing after these relentless but golden winds of change have finished blasting through this conflict ridden realm we call earth. You may have thought that these end times were about the outer world, as though there were such a thing independent of you, and that you can just distract yourself and wait for the dust to settle. These end times, my dear ones, are about you; specifically about you setting yourself free from all egoic entanglements the world taught you to cherish. 

These are end times for the ego’s world, but if you’ve allowed the Light of God to guide your heart, this is just the beginning. The most wonderful beginning indeed.

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