Free in God

Do you think that being free means having the world be as you’d like it to be, and having your own personal story be as you want it to be? Don’t settle for mere breadcrumbs when the whole loaf of Creation is already yours.
The only way to be free is to be free of the world, the pseudo home of the person, which is but the shadow of what you are. 
The sole purpose for being in the world is to remember the God created Self that you are in Reality, thus breaking free from the delusion that you are of the world. 
Home is not in the world, where the ego seems to rule. Home is where the mind is free. And the mind is free only in God.
You can be in the world and be free but only if your mind is fully devoted to God, and nothing else. Because only complete devotion to God will show you the eternal beauty and power that you are in Reality. 
Be still and know freedom is already yours.

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