Straight and Narrow

There’s only one cause of all suffering and it’s the self imposed distraction from Truth.
There’s only one Truth: God is.
Therefore, there’s only one path worth taking: back to God. It’s also the path back to your Self because in Reality, you are God’s Creation. The inseparable can only seem to be split but dreams have no consequences in Reality.
You don’t know your Self as you are in Reality, and therefore can’t know the way back to Reality. Ask the Holy Spirit, the one who knows you and knows the way back to God. The Holy Spirit is in your right mind; he’s closer to you than your own breath. 
Ego’s paths are many, but nevertheless all the same because they all lead away from Truth. Does the flavor of illusion matter? The winding and wide paths of the world, glorified by the misled multitudes, are filled with nothing but temptation for distraction. They feed the ego but leave you starved. 
The path to God, the only Truth, is a return journey. It’s a straight and narrow path because it’s very simple, provided you are ready for the powerful simplicity of Truth, which is also the powerful simplicity of your Self. You are ready for the straight and narrow path if you are ready to turn away from illusions and instead devote your life to this simple practice of surrender:
Here I am, Lord.
I take no thought for my life.
Not my will, but thine, be done.
If you knew that all striving, all struggle and all suffering would end by this simple act of surrender, would you take this path? 
If not, why not? 
What could be more desirable than perfect peace? What could be more fulfilling than knowing your Self as you are, rather than believing the false image you made of yourself? The world can’t possibly offer you what God has already and eternally offered you.
Be still and listen to your heart.
Will you honor it by choosing again?

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