Our Time Has Come

The ego’s upside down world plays the game of specialness. It’s a game of wanting: I want popularity; I want wealth; I want a perfect body; I want to be accepted; I want to be liked; I want my way. 

Constantly wanting but never being content.

Always seeking but never finding. 

At war within but demanding peace without.

The game of wanting always involves looking outside of oneself for that elusive carrot on the stick. It’s a game of perpetually being at effect of the world; a game of separation and codependence. An entangled mess indeed.

And somehow very few have noticed that the specialness game they choose to play is rigged against themselves. They haven’t noticed because they haven’t yet looked.

Most are also unaware that the ego’s upside down world is about to collapse and shatter to smithereens. Good riddance to that which was never aligned with the good, the true and the real. Why would the end of a narcissistic world be a cause for anything but celebration?

A new way is emerging and so is the new earth, a right side up world within this spacetime experience; a bridge to Home. It’s not a game because the script is being flipped and we, the right side up ones, are doing away with all game playing and all fakery. Being aware, authentic, sovereign, self contained and inward oriented, which can only come by aligning with the Holy Spirit, is the way. It will be the only way. 

Can you imagine a world that runs on kindness, compassion and love? Not as mere plastic platitudes but as the real, living and natural expression, through us, of the One for Whom our hearts have been yearning for since the beginning of time? Whether you feel the truth of these words in your heart or not will determine whether you’ll get to experience the new earth. The day of reckoning is near and everyone’s choices will be honored with perfect precision.

Those of us who never played the specialness game of ego’s world, we whom the fallen world labeled as upside down, will finally have an earthly home that will reflect the perfection of Heaven, our true and only Home.

Our time has come. Ready or not.

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