Through the Eye of the Needle

Ready to pass through the eye of the needle? To leave the collapsing upside down world behind and start building a world that resembles Home? 
The fire you have been in for a while has been burning off, slowly and probably painfully, what you’re not and what you never were. The feelings of pain have just been your resistance to this benevolent fire, your fear of what you really are underneath the mask of the person. 
You don’t know yet what you are but if there’s even a tiny spark of confidence, just a vague sense of something big and powerful within you, hold on to that and simply trust.
By allowing the fire of the 2020s to eliminate what you’re not, you’ll be ready to pass safely and easily through the eye of the needle. Not everyone will pass through but that’s only because everyone’s free will is honored, always. 
On the other side is a world you didn’t allow yourself to even imagine. But that’s because the old world didn’t support and nurture anything good or Godly. 
If you feel the seed of the good and Godly growing within you, the light of Christ, stay cocooned within yourself as you ready yourself for the passage of your lifetime. 
From darkness to Light,
From ignorance to Knowledge,
From illusion to Truth.
Here we come, ready for the new earth.

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