The Whirlwind is in the Thorn Tree

Some of us were born old. To us, the heavy shutter separating reality from this world was but a sheer, gauzy curtain. We saw and knew from the beginning. We came to be the whirlwind in the thorn tree that is the world.

The world, because of its fragility, instability and ultimate unreality needs thorns to preserve itself. These thorns are judgments, beliefs, rituals and traditions that keep being recycled without much evaluation and discernment about their benefits, their origin or their veracity. What the world is trying to protect with its thorns are its perceived wounds, which are seemingly many and varied. The wounds’ apparent complexity is in itself a thorn because there is only one wound and it is the lack of God. It is a self imposed wound.

The whirlwind isn’t affected by the thorns. It is aware of them but can’t quite comprehend why they are even in place because to the whirlwind, it is obvious that the thorns don’t work. The whirlwind has no intention of attacking, damaging or even destroying the thorn tree, but the thorn tree, in its fearful fury to defend its false kingdom, perceives the whirlwind as a threat. The whirlwind is free; flow is all it knows. The thorn tree is like a prison whose sole purpose is to remain so.

Although we, the whirlwind, saw and knew from the beginning, we too came with a degree of amnesia that became stronger as we grew used to the thorn tree of the world. We never felt this was home but we didn’t know where or what home was. And so our clear seeing and knowing was slowly eaten up by the infection of forgetfulness. Eager to fit in with the thorn tree, we forgot our flow and started growing our own thorns instead. 

Our lives run in a sort of backwards way: the knowing was there from the start. Our path is to remember what we already knew, and what we couldn’t entirely exile out of our minds, even as our flow became dammed and our light lost some of its luster while we pushed on against the grain of the thorn tree of the world. But once we started remembering our Father, we also remembered our mission. We restored our flow and our light was shining again. I and my Father are one, our souls whispered to our battle worn hearts. Our hearts responded with opening ever more to the inner light, our Father’s house. Our light could never be hidden, as much as we tried to dim ourselves to blend in with the thorn tree of the world.

Since that turning point, we have been steadfastly walking back home, leaving on our path drops of light which the thorn tree of the world doesn’t recognize. The whirlwind is true to its native current, which swirls from the direction opposite to the current of the thorn tree of the world. But because the whirlwind, one with the Father, is of the light, it has been breaking down, slowly but steadily, the thorn tree of the world. Darkness can reign only in time, which is not of reality, but even in time, the days of the darkness are numbered.

“As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.” (Proverbs 10:25)

Time has nearly come for the whirlwind to flow freely. As that time nears, the drops of light the whirlwind leaves in its path are growing in size and power. While the thorn tree of the world is being felled, the tree of life is growing silently, taking mighty roots. We, the whirlwind, will build a new earth for a little while; an earth that is a reflection of God’s love, our true and only home. Hand in hand we will then seamlessly and completely merge back into the One our hearts yearned for since time seemingly began; the One we never left in reality.

(“The whirlwind is in the thorn tree” is a verse from Johnny Cash’s song The Man Comes Around, which beautifully and powerfully describes these end times, the collapse of the age of darkness and deception, as foretold in the Book of Revelation as well as elsewhere in the Bible.)

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