Break the World

You are freed from the world once you have accepted the world by seeing through it and detaching from it. The world is ego’s playground. You’re not of the world because you are of God. Freedom while in the world can only come by your remembrance of your true inheritance.

Being free here means embodying the Light that you are in God created Reality. The world fears that Light and is threatened by it because Light is Truth and the world is illusion. Those enamored by and attached to the world are enamored by and attached to illusions. They hide from the Light and attack it because they fear it. Light doesn’t attack illusions but it does shine them away.

Light is of God because He created it; illusion, always of ego because God, being Truth, doesn’t know of illusions.

The world, the ego’s illusory kingdom, is based on dichotomy because the ego fantasizes it can split Reality by fragmenting what can’t be fractured. Fantasy isn’t Reality, and neither is the world, which is but an idle ego wish. Dichotomy can’t contain peace because dichotomy is conflict and peace is One. Only Reality is peace because Reality is One.

To be at peace within duality, within the world, you have to become one within yourself. That’s how you embody the Light. Becoming one within yourself, or being free of inner conflict, must entail seeing through the veneer of the world, which is conflict. Breaking up with conflict is the way to peace and since the world is conflict, you have to break away from the world.

The more you break away from the world, the more you embody the Light that you are. The Light cracks the illusion that is the world, not by doing anything but by simply being itself. Embody the Light that you are, be the God created Self, rather than the ego made self, and you will break away from the world and therefore break the illusion of the world. 

This is what Jesus taught. The few who tend to their hearts’ yearning for God as their only ambition are also the few who have the ears to hear the master’s words:

“Fire have I come to hurl on the earth, and how I wish it had already blazed up!

Do you think that I have come to hurl peace on earth? I did not come to hurl peace, but a sword!

For I have come to divide son against father, and daughter against her mother, and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.” (Q 12:49-53)

The fire he came to hurl on the earth is Truth. 

He hurled Truth because he embodied the Light in a world that’s based on a lie and is therefore full of lies. If familial and other special relationships get destroyed because Light is shining on them with blinding precision, they aren’t worthy keeping for anyone who’s devoted to Truth.

By being what he is in Reality, Jesus shook up the world and cracked the foundation of the illusion; not because he wanted to change the world but because he wanted to wake you up to your Reality, which is the same as his. He didn’t come to earth to save it; he came to remind you that you need to save yourself from the hell you made by believing the ego.

He knew the world is the illusory kingdom of ego and not the Reality of God. He didn’t come to bring peace to earth but to burn illusions that kept and still keep us, his brothers and sisters, lost in self-made nightmares. 

A world that is illusory doesn’t need to be fixed; it needs to be seen for what it is: an inversion and perversion of Reality and an attempt by the delusional mind to escape from Love and hide from God. Such a world can only be imagined because God, the only Creator, doesn’t know of fragmentation. 

An imagined world doesn’t need peace because peace, which is real, can’t fix something that’s imagined. But you, who are real as the formless form God created, certainly need peace while you still find yourself in the world. You will get that peace only by undoing your beliefs in illusions and returning, re-turning or turning again, back to God.

This is how you, who are not of the world, break the illusory world by breaking free from all illusions.

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