The End of the World as We Know It

The 2020s hurled in like a hurricane for all. How else could it have been when the matrix of lies, deception and evil is collapsing, despite most being unaware? Yes, this is the end of the world as we know it. But if you’ve opened your mind to the truth of the world that’s ending, you’re feeling more than fine.

This is why to some, the last two years have led to empowerment, Self-validation and a blossoming of the soul. To many, this has been a chaotic, confusing and even cataclysmic time. How could the same world events produce such varied experiences? Because one’s perceived reality is always determined by one’s own mind and its choice of thought systems. Narratives are powerless unless they’re believed in. Once a narrative is accepted as truth, the consequences of that decision dictate one’s experience of reality.

Since 2020 many have started questioning the multitude of blatant and insidious lies we all have been sold as truth our whole lives. Others are still stubbornly holding on to the matrix, whether in aggressive ways or by pretending that everything is “normal.” And most are expending the last drops of vitality and energy they have left to avoid facing the stuffed down emotions that have been gnawing on their souls.

Why is it so hard for most people to be open to the possibility that they were wrong in their perceptions and that their suffering is the result of their decision to stay closed? Because those who are in fear don’t delve below the surface, their own or the world’s, lest their lives direct them in an entirely new direction as a result. Yet those are the same crying out for change by projecting their unfelt and unprocessed shadows.

All suffering is the result of lying to oneself. No lie coming from the world is nearly as devastating as the lies we tell ourselves. The storm that has been raging for the last two years is demonstrating that with incredible precision. It has been the most brilliant and fascinating psychology test for all. This show and tell time has undoubtedly revealed everyone’s true faces, minus all the masks and all the makeup. It has also exposed the truth of everyone’s relationships, which is exactly what it was designed to do. There will be nowhere left to hide when the collective beLIEf systems that, despite being widely accepted as truth, are revealed as massive perversions of ego that have spiraled the collective into hell by wreaking havoc on everything good and Godly. 

The storm’s upcoming landfall will be the crescendo of this elaborate test of the soul. Many will have realized by then that they had gone through a mental, emotional and spiritual war within themselves, all for the sake of sloughing off the lies so that Truth can shine.

This is simply the only way an inverted world could be turned right side up. We have been witnessing that process because we ARE that process.

The final test, the hurricane’s landfall, will also be a new beginning for those who aren’t afraid to look at the sick matrix of ego, within and without, and choose against it.

You can’t blame yourself for something you didn’t know. But you can and must, if the good and the Godly are your goals, take responsibility for doing better once you know better. 

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