Give In, Not Up

To give in is not the same as to give up. 

To give up is to be at effect of the seeming world outside of you, and that world is an illusion of the ego. The world is a projection of the wayward mind, the ego, and is therefore an extension of it. The world is the ego’s kingdom; not yours. By giving up, you declare yourself a victim of the ego, which then continues to dictate how you see yourself, the world and everything in it. 

The ego, although illusory in Reality, is a cruel dictator and will keep you under its tyranny as long as you allow it to. With the ego as your master, nothing will ever connect or make sense. But the ego will hold out the carrot on the stick for you, convincing you that the next thing out there will make sense; that the future holds what the present is lacking. 

Remember that the ego is always wrong because it’s the wrong image you made of yourself. With ego, peace remains an elusive, empty wish because the ego is a conflicted thought. Although an illusion, the ego seems very real because you give it life by believing in it and by doing its bidding, the result of which is always some sort of conflict.

The ego may tell you to either give up or to never give up, but neither is the way to peace. Only giving in is the way to peace. To give in is to give inward, or surrender yourself to the Self, which is within and which is the God created, or true, Self. Peace is the natural consequence of following the straight and narrow path to God because you’re finally in alignment with what you really are.

Surrendering to the Self is giving in, and that giving in entails the giving up of the reign of the person, which is a mask. 

Who would not want to give up the mask, the illusory self, to gain the real Self? Who would not want to recalibrate to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is the Truth within and the memory of God’s Love? Is there one good reason to keep holding on to the false, time-bound image of oneself? The ego will come up with many reasons but none are good or rational because the ego is neither good nor rational.

All power, and therefore peace, lies in the simple and honest decision to give in.

“Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” (Luke 22:42) This is not a plea for God to dictate what you, as the person, should do. God knows you only in your true form as formless spirit and an extension of Himself. You are God’s creation. But you will know it only when you step out of the way and allow the Holy Spirit, which is the real you, to lead you. Who would not want to be guided by the real, rather than the illusory?

There is no such thing as “my will” because an illusory self, which is the person or ego, can’t have a will, but only misguided wishes and Self-denying fantasies. Is it any wonder that those led by an illusion feel lost while they wander in ego’s illusory world?

Give up the person, the ego, and give in to the Self that’s waiting within. You are giving up nothing but gaining everything because you are gaining back the awareness that you ARE everything. Give in and know.

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