Love is Waiting on You

You, as a person, can’t break through the veil of illusion. That’s because you are not a person. The veil of illusion is the person. 
Stop beLIEving the lie that you are a person, which is only an imagined mask, and the veil will disappear. 
But do you want the veil to disappear? 
Are you ready for Truth? 
Can you handle Reality? 
Because Reality is all Love and zero person. The person is a concept the ego made in its futile and insane attempt to escape from Love.
Or are you still playing ego’s roulette and hoping that the hell you made will magically turn itself into Heaven? 
The person can’t reach the state of Heaven because the person is a conjured up hell, whose sole purpose is to abscond from Heaven.
But Heaven is your Reality as established by your Creator. You already are in Heaven, but you won’t know it until you stop beLIEving the stories the ego, the person, spins.
Round and round, on the wheel of suffering. Complete with ego’s circus music playing on repeat as endless thoughts of wanting, needling, fearing and fighting perpetually obscure the stillness and the perfection of what eternally is. 
How many rounds on the time-bound wheel of suffering is too many? 
How much do you yearn for Love? 
When the pull toward Love becomes greater than the attraction to the many beLIEfs of the person, the veil of illusion will start to dissolve. 
You say you want Love, but you have to mean it. You have to want Love more than you want to keep the veil that keeps you away from Love. 
Love is waiting on you. All you have to do is stop beLIEving it’s the other way around.

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