The Only Lesson

No one learns anything true and worthwhile, especially about oneself, by just being told. The blind acceptance of what we’re told leads to indoctrination but not learning. That must be obvious by now. 
Did you ever learn a life lesson because you were told what to think and do and what not to think and do? Of course not, because learning comes from having gone through one’s own experience, coupled with taking responsibility for one’s role in that journey’s stage. That’s how we learn, or remember, the magical art of discernment.
We make mistakes, take responsibility for ourselves and do our inner work; that’s how we learn. Refusing to acknowledge our mistakes, whether through denial, bypassing or blameshifting, means we’re not taking responsibility, which is equivalent to dodging our inner work. The result is remaining under the spell of ignorance and flailing in the winds of a volatile world.
If you feel like the world hasn’t promoted and encouraged learning, you’re right. But don’t wait for the world to give you a prize for being right; the world is just a stage. Your learning is not the world’s responsibility; it’s yours alone. You will get that prize because it’s guaranteed, but only when you look within and start to lean into your Self and away from the world. Only then will you be able to see the world and yourself clearly, which is ultimately the only lesson because all other lessons merge into the great lesson of Self remembrance.
The only question is, how long do you want to postpone learning this one and only lesson? How much Self neglect is too much? How many more whispers of your Heart will you ignore before you finally head back in the only direction that will lead you to you?

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