Traveling Light

When all you know is matter, everything in the world seems to matter. You’re wondering why you continue to suffer while you’re carrying the heavy world of matter on your shoulders.
Do you know why Atlas finally shrugged? Because he realized that to be free, he had to drop the weight of the world off of his shoulders. He also remembered that the world weight he carried was imagined and inconsequential in Reality but seemed real and important while he carried it.
The only way to feel light is to be the Light. To be in the world but not of it. 
To be the Light, you don’t have to achieve, learn or add anything. But you do have to stop insisting on trying to live as something you’re not. Which means that in your mind and heart, you have to turn away from the matter-obsessed world and its insane ways of worshiping the darkness by running away from the Light.
Once you’ve made the u-turn, the you-turn, and redirected your awareness inward, you’ll know yourself as the original Self God created, rather than continuing to believe the lies of the flimsy and volatile image you made and mistook for your true identity.
That original, God-created Self is Light. No burden, no weight, no confusion, no suffering is possible in the infinite realm of the Self that you are. 
Could there be any news better than this? But don’t hold your breath and wait for the world to tell you about your Self, dear Atlas. You never really waited for the world to change; you simply used the world to avoid meeting your Self. That’s why you carried the heavy world load. Forgive yourself and forgive the world. Forgiveness is the best and only weight loss program you need.
Traveling light through this temporary, away-from-Home experience of duality is not only possible; it’s inevitable, but it has to start with your decision to know yourself as Light again and only you can make that decision. 
Once Home-bound, you will remember that matter ultimately doesn’t even matter because matter is only a time-bound shadow of what you are. There are no shadows in Reality; only Light is, and you are That. 
Drop the weight of the world and you’ll know.

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