Intuition: Bridge to Truth

Moving forward, the only true knowing will come from intuition. Intuition has always been the only bridge to Truth, but the world the ego made of layers upon layers of lies did its very nefarious best to obliterate any awareness of that bridge. 

The made up narratives playing now on all fronts are there to expose lies and deception that ruled the earth for a long time. Lies and deception still appear to rule the earth but that’s only because most people still haven’t seen through the lies and therefore can’t choose against them. Most are still refusing to leave Plato’s cave because their eyes are fixed on the shadows on the walls and they’ll defend those shadows rather than choosing life for themselves. 

Lies are shadows, but Truth is Light. The Light is waiting for you because it’s within you but you have to exit the cave of shadows.

As long as one believes in lies, one’s world will be based on lies. As long as millions and billions believe in lies, the whole world will appear to be run on lies. 

Truth can’t be found in the world, but Truth can and must be found within oneself so Truth can be reflected in the world.

To find Truth within oneself one must start walking across that bridge of intuition.

Where does intuition come from? What are the first two letters of the word telling you? Ask: where should I go? Ask this regardless of the seeming outer, or surface, questions and your life circumstances. And there’s always only one answer: in. 

Go inward and watch the world from that vantage point, from the inside out, and you’ll start to see life through new eyes because you will have started seeing through the single eye of intuition. 

“If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22)

But continue to direct yourself outside of yourself and you’ll continue to see a chaotic and meaningless world because you haven’t yet found order and meaning within. 

Keep directing yourself outward and you’ll also keep maintaining the collective lies, while bemoaning the absence of Truth. As long as millions and billions continue to direct themselves outside of themselves, the world of lies will sustain itself for them, but not in Reality. 

Do you want to continue to live in lies, in shadows, or do you want to live in Reality? The choice has always been yours and therein rests your power. 

Do you see now that freeing your mind is the key to your freedom? You say you want a free world while you continue keeping yourself in bondage. You must sweep your own porch instead of demanding that the world be swept up. Maybe the world is already swept up but you can’t see that because your own porch still needs your attention. You’re still fixed on the shadows on the walls because you haven’t yet looked at your own shadows.

Freeing the world is irrelevant because ultimately there is no world outside of you. But having established yourself within yourself, you will be able to discern the relative truth of the world by easily discarding the multitude of lies. You will see a free world rising on the horizon but only once your own mind has been set free.

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