No More Lies: As Within, so Without

Closing your eyes and ears to the truth as it manifests in the world is a symptom of self deception. As long as you’re lying to yourself, you’ll be attracted to lies in the world and won’t even know it. You will, nevertheless, defend the world lies you accepted as truth because you’re defending the lies about yourself that you accepted as truth.

It has to be this way for the simple reason that the world of time and space is nothing but a game of microcosms and their corresponding macrocosms. Many great sages, such as Hermes way back when, have taught this simple truth:

As within, so without.

As above, so below.

As with the soul, so with the universe.

No one taught us that in school. Or anywhere in the mainstream world for that matter. We can blame the world for all its lies or realize that the world itself is a lie as long as we don’t venture inward to find the Truth about ourselves.

The world isn’t here to teach us anything by spoon feeding us but by mirroring back to us our own inner landscapes. It is up to us to find the Truth in all aspects of our experience. 

We won’t find the truth in the world unless we search for Truth within. This is the meaning of “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33) This is the whole teaching in one sentence.

If you stay on the surface of yourself, you’ll get a surface experience of the world. The world’s surface is not only deceptive but also extremely unstable. Settling for just the surface part of yourself, you’ll get deception and instability, which may appear as though they’re being randomly hurled at you from the cruel and unfair world but are simply your own requests answered. 

As within, so without. There’s nothing personal about it. Life responds to requests your mind makes. If you’re not the master of your own mind, you made the choice not to be. There’s no avoiding self responsibility in a world that’s a mere reflection of the mind, a macrocosm of a microcosm. 

You won’t feel the pull toward the truth in the world while you’re actively pulling yourself away from the Truth in yourself. If you’re deceiving yourself, a microcosm, about what you are, how can you expect the world, a macrocosm, to reflect to you the truth about anything?

What happens if a massive infusion of Truth is injected into the world experience we mistake for reality? If the elaborately nefarious matrix of lies and deceptions collapses, what happens to those who have so far refused to venture inward, to the only source of Truth?

Those who have identified with the web of illusion will perceive the influx of Truth as their own impending annihilation. This is why they’re still fighting tooth and nail to defend the lies and deceptions the world keeps spinning.

The rest of us have the option to set ourselves free. Never before were we gifted the opportunity to see the world’s illusions so clearly as now, during the great transition of the 2020s. And those who have calibrated their eyes to see and ears to hear the Truth will inherit the new earth and play in it for a little while, knowing that Home can only be found with God.

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