Fearless in the Face of Fear

What happens when your fear catches up with you?
Do you run away into your default avoidance, distraction and projection mechanisms? Those that haven’t worked so far?
Or do you finally stay put and choose to become present to what feelings present themselves? 
Those feelings will present themselves as the most valuable present because they carry the seed of your empowerment in them. 
Fear will scream not to look and not to feel. But you’ll also hear another voice, a soft whisper of a familiar tune. It will remind you of the freedom and joy you must have once known because something unknown couldn’t possibly feel like this, like home.
How will you receive any present if you don’t remove the wrapping and look inside? Fear is the wrapping that you’ve confused for the gift itself. No wonder you fear the unwrapping.
Will you continue to judge this gift by its wrapping, receding further into despair and fear and away from yourself?
Or will you open yourself up to feel and receive the gift you have wrapped in ancient layers of illusion?
The gift is you.
You are the gift.
The gift is awaiting your presence.
Nothing else is required.
You are awaiting your own blessing.
Once you give that blessing to yourself, you’ll know God has already done so.
This is your empowerment. 
This is your freedom.
And it all begins when you choose to be fearless when fear catches up with you. This is how you will catch up with your glorious, unbound, God created Self.

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