Ready to Stop Playing Make Believe?

You are not a person. You never were; you’re simply playing make believe. 
The game may have been tempting and interesting at some point, but isn’t it getting old?
The person is a mask. Do you want a mask to remain your identity? No matter how polished and pretty your mask is, it’s still just a mask and not the real thing.
Or are you ready to take off the mask to see what’s been hidden underneath? Not knowing yourself is hell, my dear ones. Aren’t you ready for Heaven?
The world avoids talking about authenticity, but when it talks about it, it says that being authentic takes courage. How can being what you already are be a courageous act? 
Only the upside down world and its assbackwards thinking can produce a false reality in which being as you truly are is an act of courage. 
Once you realize this, once you stop hiding from your Self, nothing in the world will shake you ever again. Nothing ever did shake the Self that you are, but in your make believe game of playing a person, you only thought it was so. 

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