Break the Fear Addiction

Do you see yet that so many in this world are addicted to fear and attracted to darkness? To see what’s been obvious for the last two years, one only has to look behind the masks of the world, which appear as many but are all made of the same fabric of falsehoods.

Fear is darkness and darkness is the absence of Light, which is Truth. This is why fear will never lead anyone to Truth; only turning away from fear will.

“Give me fear, but not too much” is the underlying (and subconscious) motto of anyone caught in the mainstream, which is the majority of people. Most want the Goldilocks amount of fear because they don’t want their identity, which is the person, or the ego, and which is fear based and illusory, to be threatened. 

Not enough fear and the ego can’t sustain itself. Too much fear and the mind may choose against the ego. (Every choice against the ego is a choice for spirit, which is the only reality and true identity.) The Goldilocks amount of fear keeps the ego identity intact, and that’s exactly what the ego wants. When the ego is your master, you’ll do what the ego wants, but what the ego wants is never in your best interest.

This is exactly why many can’t turn away from the mainstream: from the “news” and from the appointed “experts” as well as fake authority figures and the many false idols they look up to simply because these puppets are famous in the eyes of the world. Why listen to the peddlers of fear? Why the attraction to deception?

The tricky thing is, those who worship the fear mongering machine aren’t even aware that they’re on a steady diet of fear and lies. Just like a fish isn’t aware it’s swimming in water because water is all it knows. 

As long as the filter through which one operates is fear, or ego, there will be the subconscious attraction to fear. There will also be a subconscious attraction to lies simply because fear is a liar. Fear itself is a lie; it’s a false narrative. Ego is the false identity, a lie, a delusion, so no wonder an ego based identity will crave falsehoods and will be horrified and repelled by Truth.

All this happens on a subconscious level. The ego runs its show from below the surface. It works tirelessly to keep you on the surface level, and preferably completely lost in the world and away from knowing yourself, because it senses that as soon as you look below the surface, which means within yourself, its game is over. And like any darkness dwelling creature, the ego is afraid of Light, which is Truth.

A reliable gauge on whether one is addicted to fear and lies is the absence of peace of mind and the lack of willingness to take responsibility for one’s state of mind and one’s resulting choices. Ego addicts blame everyone and everything else for the misery they have made for themselves. Needless to say, an ego addict is an aggressor, toward others and also toward oneself, but is disguised as a perpetual victim. 

The addiction to fear is overcome like any other addiction: the first step is an honest look in the mirror, which can only happen with the willingness to admit that one’s current thought system is a lie. In a world that’s based on ego and therefore fear, choosing against the ego will look like you’re going against the grain, but only to those who are still under the spell of ego’s lies and deceptions.

This is exactly why the last two years have been the gore point of all gore points: everyone was nudged, or forced, to decide whether to continue to stay “safe” by blending in with the other ego addicts, or whether to finally merge onto the highway of Truth as one’s one and only path. 

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