2022: The Truth Tsunami

2022 is the year the truth tsunami hits the shores of everyone’s life. 

Those who chose to head inside of themselves are already sheltered and have nothing to fear. To them, the truth tsunami will be a benevolent storm, like rain drenching the scorched desert, because this storm will finally wash away the deception and illusions of the world. Those who chose to ground themselves in truth when the truth wasn’t popular will now live surrounded by the light they’ve always expressed in this dark world.

Those who chose against their intuition and therefore chose to continue to use the unsteady world as their life raft will find their own worlds ripped to shreds. This world is a classroom and different lessons require different teaching methods. There is no judgment; all are equal because all will ultimately learn the same lesson.

The truth tsunami is turning the world right side up. Those who still insist on this dark world being righteous are misguided about what right side up and upside down even mean. To them, the truth tsunami will be a treacherous storm that will prove deadly to their belief systems. The storm itself isn’t harmful at all because how could a massive truth infusion be harmful to anything but deception and illusions? 

Those who continued to invest in the world, even as the world was begging them to notice and choose against its deception and illusions, will perceive the tsunami as dreadful. The storm itself is neutral and isn’t punishing or rewarding anyone. It is simply exposing everyone’s previous choices. It’s a simple game of cause and effect, which also represents the core dynamic of the world of time and space. This is the year the effect will be so clear that it will illuminate the cause that led to the effect. It’s the time of harvest, of reaping what was sowed. 

This year perfectly follows 2021, which was a year of renewal or rebirth. Those who chose to stay disciplined with their inner work had an enormous opportunity for personal empowerment in 2021. 

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” (Luke 8:17) This verse perfectly describes 2021. With everything out in the open, the world was revealed as it is for those who were willing to see. In the same way, the truth about people’s thought systems was revealed as it is. Consequently, relationships changed as the truth about oneself became impossible to hide. This was a portal to renewal for those who prioritized their soul’s work. They were reborn in 2021 into full empowerment and sovereignty.

In 2021, everyone’s makeup came off. Is it strange or perfectly in sync with the flow of the world that during the time of mask wearing hysteria, no one’s true face could remain hidden? What a gift to those whose compass is set to true north, to truth.

2020 was the year of clarity, of seeing the world and oneself clearly. It was a crash course in discernment and intuition. Those able to ground themselves in truth because they followed their inner compass, chose to walk the difficult path to empowerment, to sovereignty. It’s a straight and narrow path and, in the world’s terms, it is a path of going against the grain, taking full responsibility for oneself, and becoming one’s own boss by shutting off all voices of false authority and relying solely on the Holy Spirit, which is the memory of God and the only true authority. Those who chose the road to empowerment in 2020 are now walking the path OF empowerment and sovereignty and will continue to walk that path in 2022 and beyond. 

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