Stop Searching for Heaven in Hell

You can run from Truth, but there are consequences to your decision and you will have to face them.
You can avoid yourself, but the inner chaos won’t magically dissolve into peace without your disciplined introspection.
You can project your frustration, anger and hidden rage onto the world, but projection won’t get rid of them. It is you who are being triggered and you who need to do your inner work.
You’re still refusing to do that inner work? You’re still invested in the world rearranging itself to your liking, so you can avoid facing yourself?
Those are your decisions and life will honor them. You will get what you’ve asked for because that’s a universal law. 
You are not a bad person but you are a person living in hell, which you have chosen for yourself. Because if you haven’t surrendered to spirit, to your inner Self, you are ruled by ego and are therefore living in hell.
You’re suffering, and no wonder, because how could anyone who’s living in hell not suffer? 
Heaven is waiting for you. Inside of yourself is a path that leads to freedom. Why do you want to remain in hiding from the Truth and from your Self? 
Asking yourself this question would be the beginning of your ascent from the abyss of the ego. 
There is no shortcut to Heaven and none of the world’s paths lead to it. Inward is the only direction that will save you from the ancient nightmare you’ve made for yourself. 
Stop searching for Heaven in hell by continuing to avoid yourself. Unless living in hell is still a temptation you can’t resist.

  1. Angela Penny says:

    Wow have missed your wisdom but now i find it here thank you for taking the time

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