Come Back, My Loved Ones

Do you know that offering everything back to God leads to freedom from all suffering? 
If every thought and therefore action is in devotion to God, what harm could possibly afflict you? A heavy hardship or an everyday annoying obstacle become transmuted into fuel for the engine of the soul’s journey back home. 
When everything becomes the guru, or the means of leading yourself from darkness to light, having strong preferences gradually loses its appeal because everything is seen as an equal opportunity to move closer to God by communing with one’s inner Self. 
The world has nothing to offer to you. But your inner world does, and it has been waiting for you. Rediscover it as the sanctuary that you mistakenly thought was to be found outside of what you already are and already have. 
Time is illusory in reality, but within the world that seems to run on time, now is the perfect time to surrender all personal stories and to free fall into the gentle and infinite embrace of spirit. 
Nothing is lost in this process, but illusions of fear and suffering that have played tricks on you for so long are now dissolved into the Truth of your eternal being. 
Come back, my loved ones, to the simple and beautiful Truth of your Self. You have been waiting and yearning for this and nothing else. Everything outside of the Self, of Truth, of God, is a dream of separation the confused ones have dreamed for a while. The time has come to stop hiding in the shadows of the world. Your Light can’t be hidden anymore. 

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