The Exception to the Rule

The Western Larch is an exception to the rule. It’s a conifer but it’s also deciduous, which means the larch doesn’t hold on to last season’s needles. How many humans live free from the heavy layers of the past?
In the autumn, the larch’s needles turn yellow before falling off, gracing the whole forest with awe-inspiring beauty. The deciduous conifer, the tree that is the exception to the rule, is the one that stands out. Whether you like or dislike the larch, whether you’re drawn to it or repelled by it, it has an effect on you. How many humans are willing to stand out, knowing they’re going against the grain but never willing to compromise being their authentic self?
By shedding its needles, the larch seals in nutrients and seals out the cold for the winter. It knows to cacoon itself in what nourishes it while blocking off what would harm it. The larch doesn’t listen to pseudo science. It doesn’t blindly follow conditioned convention. It knows that it is responsible for its own well-being. It doesn’t just do what other trees do because it knows what its path is. How many humans have taken full responsibility for their life and the path they’re choosing? 
The larch spends the winters dormant, receding back from the world and leaning more into its inner self. It knows that fruitful future action is fueled by these phases of stillness. How many humans follow a path of introspection and self-reflection, so that their doing can flow with peace and in alignment with their authentic self?
The larch simply knows without thinking or analyzing and lives accordingly. It listens and flows to its own rhythm, merging with the rhythm that is the natural flow of all things. How many humans flow at all? How many are even aware that their own rhythm, once rediscovered, is simply the rhythm of all that is? 

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