The World is a Mirror

Unwillingness to know one’s inner workings manifests outwardly as the unwillingness to look at the workings of the world. The world of time and space is outside of Truth, but the world is also a mirror; a very helpful one for those who are seeking the Truth about themselves.

One who is to free himself from the world must not fear to face all the details of the world, however illusory the world is. Only by dropping the resistance to facing the ugliest and most sinful elements of the world will one also transcend, through forgiveness, what he believes are the same qualities in him.

This process has to involve a complete willingness to relinquish all of one’s beliefs. This is where the Holy Spirit comes in, but only if the person is willing to get on his knees and ask for a different way of seeing the world and everything in it. The person has to get out of the way and allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

An honest “I don’t know” is very powerful. And a sincere “please teach me” can and will move mountains.

Condemning the world means condemning yourself.

Being in denial about the world means being in denial about yourself.

But forgiving the world means forgiving yourself.

The fools think they know. They suffer because they choose to remain ignorant about their own ignorance.

The wise have courageously surrendered. Their willingness to know themselves leads them inward, teaching them to look at the world without any attachments to it or expectations from it. The wise know that a mirror is not to be worshipped, condemned or avoided. They have used the mirror of the world to gauge their perception of themselves and have allowed the Holy Spirit to correct their faulty perception for them.

The wise have transcended the grip of the world because they have forgiven the world. By forgiving the world, they have forgiven the reflection of what they mistakenly thought was their ugly and sinful self. 

A world forgiven is a self forgiven.

A world set free is a self set free.

How else could it be when the world is but a mirror?

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