Grow Fully Into Yourself

I don’t take shit personally and never have. But for most of my life, I carried other people’s shit.
I was a grownup to the grownups in my life well before I became a grownup. I saw a mess where they didn’t and I wanted to clean it up for them.
The truth is, I really didn’t have any boundaries. It’s a symptom of a lack of self-love.
I confused being used with being loved. I was accommodating because I thought that meant being loving. Being kind meant always being available. 
I must have thought that way because that’s how I acted. Boundaries don’t coexist with feeling responsible for everyone else’s state of mind. 
When I grew fully into myself, I realized that I’m only responsible for myself. Which means I’m responsible for one mind only: my own.
I still don’t take shit personally, but I also don’t take shit. Because when I don’t take on your shit, I’m simply teaching you to grow fully into yourself.
It’s the only way we both can be loving to ourselves and each other.

  1. Angela Penny says:

    never thought of a lack of boundaries being symptom of a lack of self-love but it makes sense. Also makes establishing boundaries easier; a necessary part of self-care.

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