Move Closer to God

Why be upset because the world keeps turning its back on you? 

The more you get turned down by the world, the more will you feel the pull to move closer to God. As you venture inward, you will remember that the world never had anything to offer to you anyway. You were just distracted by shadows.

Searching outside of yourself was just a silly mistake; a detour that has no consequences in Reality. Only God can fill the void in your heart. And since He dwells in your heart and nowhere else, your search is a simple coming back to your Self.

Let the world be as it is as you allow yourself to come back to being as you are in Truth. That ancient ache in your heart is your yearning to come back home to your Self.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. He will always answer because He would never leave you comfortless.

The world will keep playing its insane games, but you will have set yourself free. Such is the power of forgiveness.
The one who lives in the world but is not of it is grounded in Self, in Truth, in God. Why does it matter then what the world seems to be doing? 

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