Free Fall into the Inevitable

The leaves are at their most beautiful right before they let themselves fall. Have you noticed?

Their decision to stop holding on to the known releases them into unimaginable, glowing beauty. Now they can express their joy and newfound freedom with the most vibrant hues of gold and crimson. Their free fall into the inevitable imbues them with grace and grandeur that fills the world’s eyes and senses with awe and nostalgia.

Maybe we too yearn to let ourselves free fall into our inevitable, but are afraid to. Our fear is nothing but an innocent mistake about what our inevitable is. The ego screams to hold on tightly because the inevitable means danger and demise. The ego doesn’t know you and doesn’t know anything. The Holy Spirit gently and quietly reminds to let go because the inevitable is safety and freedom. The Holy Spirit knows you because it is you.

Having released our grip on the known, we’re instantly catapulted into a new world, the inner sanctuary we forgot existed. And now we can’t help but radiate our joy and rediscovered freedom. All those who have eyes to see will see the glowing hues of Self remembrance in us and therefore in themselves. 

Free falling into spirit is inevitable because spirit is what we are. Why hold off longer than you already have? Why prolong your suffering? Let yourself fall into the warm embrace of God and everything else will fall into place perfectly.

This is how a weary world is transformed. 

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