The Game of Hide and Don’t Seek

The purpose of the world is to distract yourself from your Self. The ego made a game of hide and don’t seek and you lost yourself in it. The more you play the game, the farther you take yourself from your Self.
Confusing the world’s purpose with your own is the trap. The game is tempting for a reason. Mesmerized by the roller coaster of the world, you’ve been trying to maximize the highs and minimize the lows because you’ve convinced yourself that winning the game means eliminating the lows altogether.
Deeply entangled in the game, you forgot that every high implies a low. Pleasure is just the flip side of pain, and every gain is tainted with the anxiety of impending loss. Such is the basic playbook of ego’s game of opposites.
The only way to win the ego’s game is to stop playing it. You’ve confused your purpose with the world’s purpose. You’ve misidentified yourself as the person, the ego that seems to define you. Your purpose is to see that the world has nothing to offer you, except a reflection of your own unhealed perception of yourself.
Once you decide to stop playing the ego’s game, you start to heal because you’re no longer interested in distracting yourself from your Self. To heal is simply to make whole again and the method is to stop playing the game of hide and don’t seek.
What a simple solution to a seemingly convoluted problem that doesn’t even exist in reality.

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