The Problem is Our Thinking

In reality, we are spirit. That’s the only reality. Does it really matter what the world of time and space looks like once we’ve remembered that we are eternal and ontologically free? Not knowing we are spirit can’t possibly change the fact that we are. But we can, and do, perceive all of life as a problem unless we’re aware of our true nature as spirit and live as that. 
So the only problem is that we think there is a problem. Which really means the problem is our thinking. 
Who’s the guardian of our thinking? Have we ever not found our thinking to be problematic? Isn’t a lifetime’s worth of evidence enough to show us the painstakingly obvious: that our thinking is our problem?
Do we purposefully ignore the evidence so that we can continue to believe that what we perceive as a problem actually exists? That it’s an objectively provable problem, as though such an idea is possible outside of the dream of duality?
If I decided that the problem exists outside of my thinking, I can and should then keep looking for solutions outside of myself. The ego pleads its case and, without allowing for any other arguments, judges in its own favor. The case is closed and the problem continues, not because it exists but because we continue to believe it does. 
And so we’ve avoided, yet again, another opportunity to recognize the real problem and find a real solution. 
The ego has convinced us we’re safe because we didn’t threaten its kingdom of delusions. But we secretly know we’re not free. Somewhere in our minds we know that nothing but freedom will do. And the only true sense of freedom comes from remembering that we are spirit.
The tiny, barely sensed spark of our inner fire for truth will keep flickering until the day comes when that flicker turns into a flame and the flame explodes into a raging fire. The fire will devour everything but the truth and we, now free, will rejoice in the happy fact that there never was a problem but we only thought that there was. 
We have remembered the truth about ourselves at last and truth alone is. Spirit is. God is. Everything else is imagined, has no consequences and can’t possibly be a problem.

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