Nothing Is As It Seems

We’re about to watch the fall of the false idols the world conditioned us to worship our whole life.
Are you ready for your thought system to be completely turned upside down?
Of course you’re not; no one ever is.
Do you really think you can tell the real from the pre-packaged illusion you bought into?
Nothing is as it seems.
If your foundation has been in this world, you’re about to go through the biggest shock of your life.
Grounding yourself in the flashy illusion of ego has always been the source of your suffering. It’s not the illusion itself, but your choice to believe and invest in it.
Don’t blame yourself. You did the best you could. You had the right intentions. Blame, guilt and regret are never the right answer.
Now it’s time to recalibrate your compass. Turn inward for the source of Truth and true strength because it can never come from outside of you anyway.
As you watch these false idols crumble, as the whole system implodes, can you watch what unravels as though you’re watching a movie? That’s a huge step toward divesting yourself from the prison of illusions.
2021 is the year of renewal. It may not look that way right now or in the next few weeks and months. But remember that renewal must be preceded by a collapse of some sort.
Do not fear.
Remember that nothing is as it seems.
This is a journey from darkness to light.
You are loved and taken care of more than you know.
Stay grounded in the light that you are.

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