Be Still and Know

“Curving back within myself,
I create again and again.”
(Bhagavad Gita)

Intuition will be your most important tool moving forward.
Do you believe everything you hear? Has true perception been blocked by layers upon layers of tightly held beliefs?
What is belief but a decision you made at some point in the past? That decision may have been appropriate then, but maybe it’s time to reassess your belief system.
Making a new decision now will significantly shelter you from suffering brought on by confusion, fear and cognitive dissonance.
If you ask: Whom can I trust when I get conflicting information?
I ask you to ask yourself what resonates with you. Not with your beliefs, but with you. Not with your ego, but with you. Not with your pride, but with you. Can you tell the difference?
Maybe it’s time to get still, to meditate, to pray, to leave the world and old beliefs aside for a while.
Because what’s a more reliable and reputable source of information than guidance from spirit, your true Self? Everything else is ultimately fake news.
INner peace
All roads worth taking lead INward.
Be still and know.

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