We the imperfect
the insecure
the human
step on our mats
and through the fire of the practice
while carried by grace 
we join together 
knowing there is no other way
and we surrender all illusion
even if just for a moment


We the inspired
We the devoted
We the light

We remember
then forget
but only to remember again
over and over again
until the practice becomes 
the way we live and breathe 
in each moment

  1. Jackie says:

    You are a beautiful human

  2. Melissa Samler says:

    Wow….so glad I was led to your website.
    I was searching for something, and the search results included your website.
    I only clicked on it because your first name is the same as my daughter’s and I’m not sure I ever actually came across anyone else with that name. I’m so grateful that it worked out that way because reading your posts blessed my heart.
    You have been given a deep understanding of the essence of life and what is real and you’re sharing your gift of enlightenment with those it is meant for.
    I am grateful that I was one of them
    I’m excited for you to share more as it comes.. you are a doll baby and life loves you, and you love it right back

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