You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Have you noticed how nothing of this world can bring you lasting fulfillment and happiness? Simply because everything in the material world changes and dies eventually. Nothing stays the same for long. Even if you have the ideal relationship, job, social status, bank account and physical looks and health, how long until every one of those aspects of your human life is lost, by whatever means? And even while we experience one of those rare lucky streaks in life when everything seems to go our way, don’t we dread the day when things will change? How cruel is a world that teaches us that we can’t have our cake and eat it too?! Why even bother having cakes then, right?

In the midst of a seemingly perfect human life, we still can’t fully relax and enjoy our days. How is it that we still feel a sense of emptiness and at least a low level of anxiety?

Because we know that something is missing.

Something we can’t quite put a finger on. Most humans conclude that what they’re missing is a different relationship, a better job, a more popular social life, more money, a younger looking body. But even if they “get there,” there’s still that nagging sense of something lacking. How long can you run on the hamster wheel until you see that something just isn’t right?

What isnt’ right is our perception of who we are and what the world is. As long as we look out into the world with our physical eyes only, we see illusion. This doesn’t mean that the trees and people and cars and buildings you see are not really there (at least within the dream of this world). It simply means that there’s so much more to see when you look at the world with the eyes of your heart. Then you look at the same world and instead of illusion, you see reality.

There is a catch here, though. You can’t look at the world with the eyes of your heart unless you have looked at yourself with the eyes of the heart. Come to see yourself from the angle of spirit, which is what you really are.

When you look at yourself and the world with physical senses only, through the filter of the ego, you will see separation, fear and discord. I am a body-mind and you are another body-mind. When I want to be right, I have to make you wrong. If I give to you, I lose out, so I better make sure I have enough (money, stuff, respect, love), which hardly ever happens. If you don’t agree with my beliefs and opinions, you’re against me and I better protect myself and find other body-minds who agree with me. If I want my cake, I better not eat it because I can’t have it both ways. Is the fear-based “logic” of these statements making you feel sick to your stomach? It should.

When you look at yourself and the world with the eyes of the heart, perceiving directly from spirit, you will see unity, love and harmony. I am a soul, an eternal spark of the divine, and so are you. When I feel the need to make you wrong to feel superior to you, I see that I simply forgot that both of us crave the same thing: to be loved, to love and to ultimately remember that we are love. So I forgive both of us for our temporary insanity and send love to you and to myself. The more compassion, love, understanding, patience and forgiveness I give to you, the more of those qualities I keep for myself. If our beliefs and opinions differ, I remember that each of us has a history that the other can’t fully understand because each of us has lived our own, uniquely conditioned human life. I don’t have to agree with you to see the divine face behind your human mask. I don’t have to even like you to know that you are another me. And so I know that everything is in perfect order, and all events are unfolding for the benefit of every soul that chooses to grow by attending this earthly classroom. And quite a classroom it is.

Once the shift happens and you fire the ego as your boss, you will still look out at the same world, filled with strife, ignorance, greed and selfishness, but you will be able to see through the veil of duality, realizing that all this darkness is just a consequence of light that has not awakened yet.

“Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they do,” said a wise and infinitely compassionate soul a long time ago. They can’t know what they do because they don’t know who they are. Unless you know yourself as that which you are beyond your mask of a human, there will always be something missing in your life and you will blame the world for it and demand that the world change. But all you need to do, all each one of us needs to do, is turn within and start to look at ourselves with the eyes of the heart. Trust that the moment you sincerely look within, the way will be lighted for you.

I invite you, friends, to rise. Today, on Easter, as well as tomorrow, and the day after, and every day. Rise from the shackles of a life hijacked by fear, which manifests as our sticky belief in our mistaken identity. Rise out of the heaviness of a life narrowed to the suffering of the mind-body and rise into the lightness and vastness of spirit, which is what you are. Rise into the truth of your heart and start living your life accordingly.

In fear, we fall. In fear, we are crucified.
In love, we rise. In love, we are resurrected.

There is a way to have it all. You can have your cake and eat it too. You just have to remember who you are. That cake is infinite and it’s the sweetest one you’ve ever tasted. Stop crucifying yourself with your own misguided belief that you are a separate mind-body and rise to the truth of your infinite being. Once fully established in your own inheritance as an eternal light of God, you will be able to finally fully accept, forgive and even enjoy the perplexities and paradoxes of this human experience. Nothing will be lacking anymore, no matter how your life looks like on the outside because you will have seen your perfect face to be a mirror image of the One your heart has been secretly seeking for so long.

No more seeking. No more confusion. Just the One appearing as you, as me and as everyone and everything we see.

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