Comfort or Truth?

Would you buy a shirt that says “dare to wake up?” I don’t usually wear messages on my clothes (especially the “spiritual” kind), but I had to think of this — and I laughed to myself in the middle of the store — when I recently saw a tank top with the writing “dare to dream.” An invitation to dream is fully acceptable and commonplace in our world, but how often do you see invitations to wake up, at least in the mainstream?

Waking up is not as trendy or sexy as dreaming because the process of waking up is bound to be distressing in many ways. And as humans, we know how strongly we’re wired to seek pleasure and comfort and avoid pain and discomfort, all the while presenting to the world an exterior of a perfect life. But no matter how long we choose to ignore the soul’s yearning to know itself, the lifetime, the year and the day will come when staying asleep won’t be an enticing option anymore. And from that moment on, knowing truth, which is the same as knowing yourself, will replace comfort as your ultimate goal.

Being comfortable is in no way a bad thing. The idea that enjoying the comforts of the material realm is somehow “unspiritual” is a confused attempt to avoid one’s humanity. But to enjoy is not the same as to attach. How attached are you to your many comfort zones, especially the concepts, ideas and assumptions you mistake for the foundation of who you are?

Ask yourself whether you want truth more than you want comfort, and watch how your body and mind react to that question. Are you willing to be completely exposed to the relentless light of your own being? That light is benevolent because it IS love and it is who you truly are, but it is also ferocious because it burns away all illusions, all of our tightly held and jealously guarded beliefs, opinions and judgments about ourselves and about the world.

Are you willing to open your door to the whirlwind of self discovery?
How much of the made up self are you willing to give up?
How much brutal self-honesty can you handle?
Is the price of freedom too high for you?

This is not some sort of Biblical process of sacrificing everything you hold dear for the sake of gaining God’s favor. That kind of thinking is fear based and is a complete misinterpretation of the way spirit operates. You don’t just decide one day to wake up so that your life gets better. That wouldn’t be asking to wake up but asking for a more comfortable dream. When the pull of your soul toward awakening is genuine, and truth becomes your compass, you don’t concern yourself much with whether your life will go this way or that way because you trust that whatever form your life takes is the perfect medicine for your own growth. Always.

Truth and comfort are in no way mutually exclusive. Experiencing the truth of who you are and organizing your life around that revelation is a way of being that far supersedes the human idea of comfort. There is no home but self realization, and lucky for all of us, all roads lead to home.

How soon would you like to start walking yourself back home?
Are you willing to admit to yourself that you have been searching for yourself in all the wrong places?
Are you willing to ask in the silence of your own heart for a different way of seeing and a new way of being?
Are you ready to dig through the layers of dirt to retrieve the diamond that you are?

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