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Several people came to me this week, saying the same thing, more or less: “I just feel so confused. I have no clarity right now.” I didn’t think I could possibly inspire or console anyone because I felt the same way. On Tuesday, I even doubted whether I should keep teaching yoga and owning a yoga studio because all I wanted to do is hide from the world, preferably after letting myself scream every variation of the F word because of my frustration and disappointment with the said world.
This one hit home more than I expected. Maybe because Nevada is my home now. Maybe because as a child I witnessed humans turn into monsters overnight, brutally killing anyone who opposed their sick agenda. Maybe what disturbed me most is seeing how effective the fear-based conditioning and propaganda has been since we seem to be turning against each other in ways that are increasingly soul mutilating for all.
If there would have been a way to get “beamed up” and out of here, I think I would have taken that option on Tuesday.
But as always, teaching yoga and doing my best to be a space holder for others — even and maybe especially on days I feel like I’m not qualified to be that — turned out to be the magic trick for getting my head out of you know where. Yes, we were sad, disturbed, angry, disappointed and scared. But we also were, and still are, warriors of LIGHT.
Consider this: If the dark could have won, it would have won by now. Throw your darkness at me and you may disorient me for a moment, “But still, like dust, I’ll rise,” as Maya Angelou said.
So here is my message to us all, light workers, star seeds, wanderers or whatever other fluffy sounding names we may answer to:
Don’t expect to make sense of an insane world.
Your lack of clarity right now is a sign of your clear seeing of the nonsensical, fear based structures of an old and collapsing paradigm.
Embrace your feelings of confusion and even helplessness because you are here to usher in a NEW way of being, one that is familiar to your soul but forgotten by the world you live in.
Remember this: You did not come here to understand the world, or to figure out why it is the way it is. You came here for one reason only: to remember what you are. Your mission of self remembering, once started, is the greatest gift you can give to the world and the most powerful catalyst for change.
I believe in you. And I love you.