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The gist of our human experiences on this three-dimensional planet we call Earth can be summed up with one word, the same one John Steinbeck used to powerfully and eloquently convey his message in East of Eden: timshel, which is a Hebrew term that has been translated as “thou mayest.” Everything we do or don’t do, think or don’t think, change or don’t change about ourselves is purely a matter of our own choice. Thou mayest, or thou mayest not; either way, it’s up to you.

I often wonder why it’s been taking us humans so long (who knows how many cycles of incarnations) to figure out and accept the simple lesson of free will offered to us by this third dimensional experience we have chosen over and over again. Third dimension?! What sort of sci-fi or spiritual — or worse yet, both, OMG! — stuff is that? I know, people don’t have time for this sort of “fantasy, airy fairy stuff” when the media, the government and even Hollywood are giving us reasons, day after day, to feel more terrified, more outraged and more powerless with each passing day. And yes, that is perfectly ok because thou mayest believe what you see and hear, or thou mayest question what you see and hear. It is a planet of free will, you see.

We yogis, who sometimes love to talk about balancing our chakras and wear tattoos and tanks of the seven major energy centers, should know that the third chakra, which is in the solar plexus area, is the center of personal power, ego and free will. So is the third dimension: it’s like a global third chakra because it’s a layer of reality whose purpose is to teach us about our personal power, ego and free will. In a way, we’re all in third grade in elementary school. If we don’t learn the third grade lesson of free will, we don’t graduate to fourth grade, but repeat third grade as many times as it takes to pass the test.

While we keep repeating third grade, we also keep complaining how hard and full of suffering life here is, as though life happens on the outside and the world is something we’re just thrown into willy nilly. We feel like our hands are tied because the world is getting more and more insane and we can’t do anything about it. Most humans seem to feel this way, yet very few ever wonder who’s creating the experience that each of us takes as our reality?

Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, said: “Your hands are tied in action, but your hands are not tied in imagination — and everything springs forth from the imagination. Everything.” This does not mean that we ignore the events of the world and instead retreat into some make believe private reality, where unicorns and rainbows abound. This message is simply reminding us of the extraordinary power, largely untapped, of our minds and our minds’ calibration when it comes to perceiving the world that seems to be outside of us. We may not have much or any control over what the government does, how the weather is or how our bodies look like or function but we have the absolute power to choose how we perceive those things. And it’s our perspective that creates our reality, just like a movie projector determines what appears on the movie screen.

If you think the world is insane and want to resist that insanity, can you do it by creating sanity within yourself? If you see a world overwhelmed by tyranny, can you fight that tyranny by lovingly rearranging your own thoughts about the purpose of the world and about your own purpose for being in it?

If you answered no, or “hell no!” because you won’t be the one who just idly sits around while the world is going crazy, that’s your choice and you’re perfectly allowed to make whatever decision you want because, again, this is a free will dimension we live in. In the layer of reality where free will is the lesson for all to learn, EVERYTHING is allowed because otherwise it wouldn’t be a very effective school.

A preview of fourth grade, or the next grade up from where we are now, may serve as good motivation to finally fully embrace and digest the free will lesson. Going back to the chakra model, the fourth or heart chakra is the center of love and unity. The sanskrit term for it is anahata, and it means unstruck or unhurt. The layer of reality we’re bound to move into once we learn the lesson of free will is the layer in which we finally embody our spirit selves and know without doubt that we can never be hurt or struck by anything because the One that manifests as many is a benevolent and intelligent force we call love.

Thou mayest. Or thou mayest not. The magic of moving from free will to love lies in your own decision to embrace both.