If your goal is to wake up to the reality of who you truly are, stop waiting for an altered state of consciousness. You are in an altered state of consciousness now, and you will stay there as long as you believe that you need something you don’t have or have something you don’t want.

You have a choice: Continue seeking validation from the world and you will stay in this altered state of consciousness in which most humans are lost. Or turn the direction of your seeking from outward to inward, and start approving of yourself, rather than waiting for others to approve of you. Start to see what’s already here, and what has been here all along. To know yourself, to be enlightened,  is to simply abide in the most natural, absolutely unaltered state of consciousness.

On this journey of self-realization, you don’t go from here to there; you come back to here from way out there. Once you realize that most people live in an altered state of consciousness, way out there and completely ignorant of their true nature, you’ll see how ridiculous your attempts are to be validated by the world. Do you think that the Buddha sought validation from the world? Did Jesus seek to fit in or was he a rebel? Do you want to be liked, or do you want to know yourself? Once you know yourself, the need to be liked by others makes no sense.

This is not an invitation to change the world, disapprove of the world, or judge the world as insane. This is a different kind of invitation, and it is all about you:  Come back home to yourself. Let the world be as it is. Be your own supply. Your world starts and ends with you. It is your choice right now, and it will remain your choice, whether you want to stay in the altered state of consciousness, or whether you want to sober up by remembering the truth of who you have always been. It is time to stop worshipping or condemning reflections and instead rest in the source of all seeing.